The Academy


At LEX Football Academy, we employ a training curriculum founded on European standards, focusing heavily on technical proficiency and tactical gameplay. Each training module can be meticulously tailored to individual player needs, ensuring a personalized development pathway.

Our intensive training program spans a period of 90 days, encompassing 9-10 training sessions and 3 matches weekly. Scouting of players is done collaboratively with our partnered clubs and academies, guaranteeing a well-rounded approach to talent identification and development.

our staff


To ensure the utmost optimization of our program, LEX Football Academy provides comfortable accommodation, creating a secure environment where players can focus on their development and rest adequately. Additionally, we equip our players to meet the physical and mental rigors of a professional football career, including preparing them for the cultural adjustments they may encounter.


FOR OUR Collaborators

LEX Football Academy takes great pleasure in welcoming talented players from our collaborative networks across Nigeria and beyond. Our academy aligns seamlessly with European standards and adheres to the same prerequisites for the recruitment of new players, ensuring a consistently high level of quality and performance.

Coming to LEX FA

New players invited on trails to LEX FA will be given the possibility to show them self inside 3-5 days of training on their own expenses.
Players given a prolonged stay will be offered a place in LEX Football Academy hostel where of feeding and transport are included.


Criteria for being invited on trials:

European scouting program


T=technique  I=football intelligence  P=personality  S=speed